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Why Choose Optilase?

Optilase is the leader in laser eye surgery and technology. When you choose us, you get:
  • Access to the largest clinic in the country
  • Industry-leading surgeons
  • A lifetime guarantee on any laser surgery performed by us
  • Competitive prices
  • A clinic that is open 7 days a week
  • FREE consultation
  • Convenient locations in Ireland and the UK
  • A clinic that is fully regulated by the RQIA

Some of our Testimonials?

  • "I wish I had it done years ago. Thank you Optilase for changing my life forever!"
    Pamela Ballantine, TV Presenter,
    Procedure: Laser Eye Surgery
  • "My only wish is that I had it done years ago and maybe I would have scored a few more goals!"
    Gerry Armstrong Football Legend,
    Procedure: Laser Eye Surgery
  • "Thanks to Optilase, I’ve had perfect, 20:20 vision for over a year now."
    Doug Howlett Rugby Player - Belfast,
    Procedure: WaveFront IntraLase

Optilase is a Trusted Leader in Laser Eye Surgery

Here at Optilase, we are committed to helping people just like you get rid of eyeglasses and contacts forever. If you want clear vision, we can help.

During your free consultation, we will tell you right away if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. Whether you wear reading glasses or have difficulty seeing far away, our skilled laser eye surgeons can help.

Even better, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our services. That means if your vision changes for any reason post-surgery, you do not have to pay us to correct it – we do it for free.

You do not have to worry about overpaying for laser eye surgery. With our price GUARANTEE, we will beat any other provider’s prices. We want you to get the best possible surgery at the best price.

We Have a Team of World-Class Surgeons

We pride ourselves on hiring only the best. Our team of world-renowned surgeons, including the Number One Surgeon in Europe, provide you with peace of mind – because you know you are getting surgery done by a trusted, experienced professional.

Over 99.89% of our patients recommend us to others. After just one appointment, you can see why we are the most sought-after laser eye surgery centre is the country.

We believe laser eye surgery should be accessible to everyone. That is why our services revolve around the patient. We focus on quality of care, reliability and patient trust. With our flexible hours, including staying open seven days a week and open evenings, we make it easy to come in and correct your vision.